How I Started It

I was like 11 at that time, and my daily bases is just school and playing video games. But whenever I play my video games, what comes in my mind is not what a regular kid would think of. I was thinking, how could that thing move in a monitor by pressing one button in real life? But as a kid, I didnt think much about it, until I played Roblox. I play Roblox for like 1-2 years before getting interested to make one of a thousand game in Roblox.

How I Start Learning it

At that time, when I first open Roblox Studio in my desktop, my brain just stopped working. Everything was complicated. The buttons, the guis, the texts, and everything else. With my kid brain, I just looked at the toolbox and then select a model that was interesting to me. At my first glance, I just put the military headquarters. Then, I came up with an idea. I wanted to make a game like jailbreak, mad city, and prison life those type of game. After that, I looked back to the toolbox to look for a scripted laser model.
When I found it, I put the laser randomly inside the military headquarters to form an obstacles. And it works fine! I was so happy about it. But then, I wanted to add a cashflow thing in the military headquarters. Sadly, I couldnt find one of those in the toolbox. My only tool to make a game at that time was just toolbox since I havent learned to script yet. So then, I came up with an idea that change my scripting career forever. Learn how the script works in the laser model. If I didnt learn that thing, I couldnt have a programming career now. That trick I did multiple times until this day.

Am I Happy Of What I Just Did

Of course, I am happy of what I just did. It changed my life and my career and finally I found what my talent really is. Its Programming! I had a lot of fun with it. I made it as my healing, I earned some cash from it, and also I learned how things actually works. And now I am mastering my art by learning not just LUA but also other programming language.