How I Started It

For 2D Designing, I started this when I was 10 years old. At that time, I didnt have a PC/Computer just yet. So, I edited it with my smartphone. I edited a random icon for my youtube channel and also for my Instagram profile picture. But all of that projects are gone because they are now in my old phone and the data has been deleted forever. Since I have a PC/Computer, now I can design 2D stuff in my PC easily. Btw, I use Adobe Photoshop for my projects.

How I Start Learning it

As what I said before, I learned everything about 2D Designing is by making something that were not important. My first app to do 2D Designing is Pixellab. Completely different from Adobe Photoshop. So, when I started to move on from Pixellab, I have no idea how to 2D Design anymore. But I kept on learning and learning for about 1 and a half year.
And now, I can do 2D Designing using my phone and also my computer. My first thought of doing 2D Designing is drawing the image and then paste them on top of each other until you make an artwork. Apparently, I was wrong. It was a lot easier than what came out in my mind.

Am I Happy Of What I Just Did

I am totally happy of what I just did. Because I can do more than one thing that are useful for me. Programming and designing. And now I am frequently practicing to increasing all my skills.